About Inspect Tech Pro

Johnny Nail and the Team.

Johnny Nail and the Team.

What is I.T.P.?

A local, family owned and managed establishment that operates in the D.F.W. area. The Inspect Tech Pro staff has over a decade worth of experience, knowledge, and flexibility to help get the job done. Lead by Johnny Nail, Inspect Tech Pro offers fair pricing and timely inspections to aid you through the buying and selling process.  

How did we get started?

Johnny is a veteran of the U.S. Army, and left the military with an honorable discharge in 1991. He has had multiple jobs in the construction industry throughout his career which helped him gather the experience needed to become a professional home inspector. His experience prior to home inspection includes roof inspection sales and service, Driving a mixer truck for a concrete company and working as an estimator for three years with Arch foundation repair performing level B engineer inspections.

Since becoming a home inspector in early 2011, He has tested and become a nationally certified foundation repair specialist and is a certified Termite Technician. Johnny is readily available to discuss with potential buyers, sellers or real estate agents any areas of concern. Let Johnny provide you with the integrity and thoroughness of an Inspect Tech Pro inspection.

What Area Do We Cover?

Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding counties as according to the map.


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